Thursday, September 29, 2005


Some of the blurbs had been reading, to Moi eyes, like prose poems. At my urging, SANDY MCINTOSH, edited his version, thereby allowing me to offer the first manifestation of a new poetic form: THE BLURB POEM!

URGENT: A Cautionary Blurb

Eileen Tabios’ newest manuscript, Intestines, is impacted with ellipses that join what appear to be incoherent concepts, such as foreskins with fishhooks, and flatulence with phlebitis. That is, they are incoherent at first. But reading on, one surmises a relentless inevitability in this work’s construction. Those little dots between the words are not voids at all, but tiny, albeit multidimensional furnaces wherein the meaningless pairings are forged into inseparability. Tabios’ process is isomorphic with the modern physical theory of wormholes in space, through which a traveler may find an instantaneous shortcut to a destination of unimaginable distance. This is alarming. Science is only beginning to explore these things with appropriate delicacy and forbearance. Tabios, not a scientist, is creating a terribly dangerous threat by persisting in this direction. I have always been against censorship, but in this case, at the edge of the deadly unknown--the unknowable--I urge that this literary work not be published. In my considered opinion, it should not even be written.


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