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Right on the heels of his fiancee's attempt to make my book be about their wedding, Rhett un-subtly tries to do the same. To wit, his second blurb contribution:

Eileen Tabios' book is most moving. Particularly when the character Rhett says about his soon-to-be-wife Michelle:

"In a life, there comes a moment when you decide whether to be a catalyst or a substrate, to become greater than life or be average, to take the plunge to change oneself or to stay the same. I owe who I am and what I am to the alchemist Michelle Bautista.

"For centuries, alchemists have tried to transform lead into gold. For years, alchemists have failed. But now, in a period of seven years, the alchemist Michelle Bautista has turned a scared, poor invididual into a caring, humorous, rich man. An impossibility has become a reality! What a superb story.

"I could have married another person and my life would have been okay. But being with Michelle has made 'okay' unacceptable. Because of her, I search for courage instead of cowering in fear; I laugh instead of cringing; I live for the now instead of wallowing for the past. I am what I am because of her."


At 8:16 AM, Blogger EILEEN said...


Pause to sniffle....sniffle.


CONGRATULATIONS to Michelle and Rhett. May you both live a long, fruitful, blissful life ... with much Poetry!

So. When do I get to be your kids' favorite auntie?!!!


At 9:37 AM, Blogger Gura said...

Thanks, Eileen! oh that sneaky Rhett! Get me sniffled before the wedding.

Auntie status won't be for at least another year and 9 months, after the 1 year anniversary Paris/Madrid trip. I want kids, but I'd like to enjoy the wine and food of Europe first.

At 10:16 AM, Blogger Ivy said...

Cheeky is as cheeky does. That was so sa-weet! ;-)

Congratulations, Michelle and Rhett! Bon Voyage!

At 6:56 PM, Blogger ver said...

That was so lover-ly, Rhett. By now your wedding rehearsal is in full swing, and the tears and guffaws are coming fast and furious. I wish you all the love you can handle, plus a touch--just a touch!--of strife. It makes you stronger, no?

Besitos, besitos...Ver


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