Friday, December 02, 2005



Whether expounding upon the complex refractive index of highly concentrated hemoglobin solutions, birefringence control, or thin-film optimization strategies, Tabios’ newest collection of traditional and avant-garde poetry crystallizes and refines the beauty of photonics and optics, revealing a depth of complexity and artistry never before seen. Her creativity combines the highest levels of scientific investigation with the pure vision of an imagined and intuitive submicrometer poetic field to reveal the innermost weavings between science and art.

The visual poetry contained in this volume not only reveal the newest, most novel approaches to microlithography, but also illuminate the transient yet practical splendor of microsystems on the nanoscale. Diagrams are further enhanced by Tabios’ often peculiar way of segmenting language, exposing the language and cultural gaps so often overlooked in our high-technology society. Critical dimension variation in high-NA optical lithography is used to illustrate the strained and intricate relationship between the working poor and the affluent world investor. Complex propagating wave formulae and Bragg wavelength definitions combined with simple lists of consumables and commodities acronyms provide a new vision of line enjambment sure to be the topic of intense scrutiny by the critical elite for many years to come.

Although Tabios’ approaches to utilizing Fourier-imaging applications in magnetic resonance spectroscopy seem simplistic, by using Bayesian image reconstruction algorithms to investigate the deformation and commoditization of women’s bodies, this poet for the 21st century shows that she is unafraid of edge distortion and pixilation when it comes to cultural critique. On the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s special theory of relativity in the Year of Physics, it is appropriate that Eileen Tabios has given voice to a new level of scientific and poetic achievement.


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