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Between September to December, 2005, I solicited blurbs. The idea is to write a book based on the blurbs -- a description of the project is HERE.  I have attempted to write the book and, to date, have created several "false starts."  But the effort continues!  I will keep trying.

Until the project is finished, here's an INDEX to the blurbs.  Thanks again, Dear Writers and Poets, for participating!


Sept. 28, 2005:
Project Description
Nick Carbo
Del Ray Cross
Ron Silliman
Tsipi Keller
Stephen Vincent
Andrew Joron

Sept. 29, 2005:
Brian Clements
Addie Tsai
kari edwards
Tom Beckett (1)
Aldon L. Nielsen
Michael Magee
Bob Dylan, as channeled by Chris Stroffolino
Patrick James Dunagan
Sandy McIntosh
Allen Bramhall
Irving Weiss
Kent Johnson
Martha Deed
Timothy Martin

Sept. 30, 2005
Thomas Fink
Bino A. Realuyo
Mark Lamoreaux
Veronica Montes
Jean Vengua
Ruth Lepson
Mark Young (1)

Oct. 1, 2005
Karri Kokko
Lorna Dee Cervantes
Leny M. Strobel
Chris Toph
Michael Wells

Oct. 2, 2005
Anny Ballardini
Noah Eli Gordon
Barbara Jane Reyes
Patrick Rosal (Maysa, 1)
Patrick Rosal (Duwa, 2)
Patrick Rosal (Tallo, 3)
Lee Herrick (1)
Mark Young (2)

Oct. 3, 2005
Michelle Bautista (1)
Ernesto Priego
Rich Magahiz (1)

Oct. 4, 2005
Lyle Daggett
Jade Afable
Ivy Alvarez
Benito Vergara
Emmy Catedral

Oct. 5, 2005
Jukka-Pekka Kervinen -- 100 Blurbs!
(Jukka's blurbs split in four posts)

Oct. 6, 2005
Lee Herrick (2)
Tom Beckett (2)
Aileen Ibardaloza
Paolo Javier (1)
Paolo Javier (2)
Rhett Pascual (1)
William Allegrezza

Oct. 7, 2005
Michelle Bautista (2)
Rhett Pascual (2)

Oct. 9, 2005
Rhett Pascual (3)
Rhett Pascual (4)
Catherine Daly
Steven Donald Dalachinsky

Oct. 10, 2005
Joanna Fuhrman

Oct. 11, 2005
William Allegrezza (2)

Oct. 12, 2005
Rich Magahiz (2)

Oct. 13, 2005
Rochita Ruiz
Aimee Nezhukumatathil
Rene Magritte, as channeled by Mark Young

Oct. 17, 2005
Barry Schwabsky

Oct. 21, 2005
Brandon Shimoda (1)
David Delbaum

Oct. 25, 2005
Brandon Shimoda (2)

Oct. 26, 2005
Billy "The Blogging Poet" Jones

Oct. 27, 2005
Nadine Sarreal

Nov. 3, 2005
Michelle Bautista (3)

Nov. 6, 2005
Rich Magahiz (3)

Nov. 13, 2005
Rich Magahiz (4)
Sheila Murphy

Nov. 24, 2005
Rich Magahiz (5)

Nov. 27, 2005
Chris Perkins

Dec. 2, 2005
Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor

Dec. 6, 2005
Rich Magahiz (6)

Dec. 27, 2005
Dan Waber

N.B. The titles of the blog posts are by Moi, not by the participating authors.

Are you a writer who needs a blurb for your book? Jukka-Pekka Kervinen's blurbs are available for sale; you can replace references to Moi with your name and title of your book. Contact Moi for further details. All sales/donation proceeds to be donated for hurricane relief efforts!


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This is a great project. If you need illustrations, I'd like to contribute

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Enjoyed a lot!


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